Transport accidents, from the most incidental to the most serious of accidents, can cause a wide range of physical, emotional and financial issues

The TAC recognises that recovering from a transport accident can be a very emotional and challenging time.

All our physios are registered with TAC Victoria and perhaps more importantly, our office staff is happy to guide you through the forms, requirements and paperwork that can come with a motor vehicle injury. Brad Harrigan is our practice occupational physiotherapist.  An occupational physiotherapist is an expert at helping you stay at or return to work after a motor vehicle injury.  It also means that TAC patients have no out of pocket expenses when seeing him.  So, if you have been in a motor vehicle accident and need help with your injuries to remain at or return to work, Brad is well placed to assist you. 

Our aim is to use the best and most appropriate treatment approach for you.  We recognise that all people persuasive personal written and all injuries are unique and tailor your treatment with this in mind.  We want to get you back to work using the best and latest physiotherapy treatments and technologies, using education and tools so you manage your own body but most of all, we want to help you get back to your “old self”.

Most TAC patients are referred to us via their GP, specialist or rehabilitation clinic.  However, if you think you may benefit from physiotherapy treatment to help your recovery, a referral is not required so give us a call for an informed discussion of your particular circumstances.

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