Many patients suffer from a chronic condition or pain that may benefit from physiotherapy treatment that has previously been inaccessible or unaffordable

If this sounds like you, please discuss this with your doctor or give us a call.  We will bulk bill all EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) patients.  Patients with the following conditions will benefit from physiotherapy treatment under the EPC scheme:

  • Osteoarthritis.  Recent research (APA 2009) has confirmed that a home based exercise program under the guidance of a physiotherapist, is effective at reducing pain and improving function.   Many patients within this subgroup require initial hands on treatment to address acute pain issues prior to establishing a daily home exercise routine.
  • Chronic pain. We can help to reduce pain, increase function and decrease reliance on medication through the management of online writers ongoing symptoms and appropriate modification of exercise programs.  Our physiotherapists are in the perfect position to help patients overcome their fears with gentle exercise and joint movement. 
  • Diabetes.  It is widely acknowledged that exercise is beneficial for diabetic control.  However, if pre-existing conditions or acute injury prevent it, our physiotherapists can treat the problem and then design a program to help maintain a daily exercise regime. 

for more information please visit the Medicare website here

or you can also download the EPC document here