New Patients

Information for New Patients

What to bring?

Please bring along referrals, letters or claim numbers and any x-rays or imaging relevant to your case. 

What to wear?

Our physios are used to working around all sorts of clothing and customs.  However, it is likely that we will need to examine the site of your injury or problem.  We recommend females wear a singlet top if we are treating the neck or shoulder area. 

Towels are provided at the time of treatment and gowns can be provided upon request. 

What to expect?

At your initial consultation our physios will discuss your condition or injury and may ask many questions.  It is important for your own safety and for the physiotherapist to fully understand your condition prior to beginning treatment.  This takes time and is why initial consultations may take more time and cost more than any subsequent consultations.  After this, your injury will be examined and a diagnosis made.  Now we can begin your treatment! 

Most cases will require hands on physiotherapy techniques but we may also use heat, ultrasound, TENS, LASER, and muscle stimulation.  Sometimes you may be referred to hydrotherapy or an aid (such as a brace or crutches) may be recommended.  You may also be given simple exercises to complete at home, that will complement your treatment and aid your recovery.